Buy Local When You Build!

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With America’s Main Streets in need of help like never before, the push to purchase from local businesses and support local manufacturers is more important than ever. Along with trying to buy locally grown produce and locally manufactured goods, you can also help by planning your next home improvement project with the little guy in mind. Read More


Summer Specials

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It’s time for our summer specials, we’ve updated them on our specials page but, if you missed them, here they are again…

Complimentary 1 Color Bathroom Paint

Up to 300 sq. feet with tile installation 100 sq. feet minimum SAVE $300!

Complimentary 4 Hour Pressure Wash

$200 up to 3 Gallons Detergent – a $350 Value!

Complimentary 4 Hour Pressure Wash

With every exterior house painting – a $350 Value!

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Choosing the Right Tile

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Not all tiles are created equal. Well, they’re basically the same, but there are many small differences to consider when deciding the application intended.

Tiles are a combination of clay, minerals and solvents that are shaped and sized and then heated to very high temperatures. At this point, the tile can just stay as is and is considered finished. It’s unglazed and without decoration. Without the glaze, the tile is very porous and, though attractive in a rustic way, it wouldn’t be wise to use it at this stage in areas where spillage might be common, like the kitchen. Read More


Five Ways to Make Spring Cleaning Easier

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1. Order Up — No great cleaning or clear-out can happen without a little order in the chaos. Get into those crowded rooms and areas of your home that are overflowing with stuff. Start to tackle what can be kept, tossed, etc. Invest in good organization and storage solutions at this time and you won’t likely find yourself facing the task again — or at least not at the degree you did this time around. has cute storage solutions for a chic look, or you can go to something like Container Store or Target for plastic, fabric or cardboard options. Read More

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